Monday 31 August 2015

A Reading Acrostic

Now here's an enjoyable diversion which came my way thanks to A Life in Books; just what you need when desperately seeking an excuse not to do the ironing on a Bank holiday Monday.

The idea is to make an acrostic out of your name based on some of the books you’ve read recently; all those below are linked to my reviews. 

I did think that, with my name, the task would be quite straightforward; nevertheless I found myself stretching the definition of 'recent' on occasion and blatantly cheating on the letter 'Y'. Nobody's noticed, though, so I think I've got away with it...

C is for Chop Chop by Simon Wroe

L is for Lost & Found by Brooke Davis

A is for A Song For Issy Bradley by Carys Bray

I is for Indian Magic by Balraj Khanna

R is for Revolt by Qaisra Shahraz

E is for Etta and Otto and Russell and James by Emma Hooper 

H is for Honour by Elif Shafak

A is for (The) Abrupt Physics of Dying by Paul E.Hardisty

Y is for Testament of Youth (OK, I've had to cheat a bit here, turns out I haven't read any books beginning with 'Y' recently, so this is a way of crow-barring in one of my all-time favourites)

E is for (The) Examined Life by Stephen Grosz

S is for Snowblind by Ragnar Jonasson (tr Quentin Bates)

Well, that was fun! Now, why not have a go yourself?

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