Monday 29 October 2012

I belong to a small book club but have a really bad memory these days. If I read a book a couple of weeks in advance (or we go crazy and choose two) then I tend to have forgotten what it's about by the time we get to discuss it. I muddle up the names of the characters and can't really recollect my opinions in any meaningful detail.

So, I decided to start a blog as a personal diary of thoughts on my current read. I'm never without a book (the idea of not having four or five lined up on my bedside table is enough to induce a mild-to-moderate panic) but am quite a slow reader, so may not be the most prolific of posters.

Thanks in advance to the members of my book club for the inspirational times (and great lunches!) we've had reading many of these titles. Blogging is very new to me, so (as they say on Miranda!) bear with...

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